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MySurfBiz Plus (MSBP) is an online “ALL IN ONE” suite of tools and resources to grow your business. Join our network of MySurfBiz customers that achieve maximum results with our smart systems and intuitive data collection platforms, starting at $99.99 a month. See all our plans below.

Our customers say time and time again we have the innovation in our products. Unlike traffic exchanges and mass mail systems, which saturate the same prospects over and over, MySurfBiz Plus extends your exposure to a new and fresh audience every day.

MySurfBiz works with the Google Algorithms to present an organic presence for your business websites, all provided by MSBP.

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All Your Platforms in One Place

Save over $700 a Month by Using MySurfBizPlus to Promote and Power Your Business. MySurfBizPlus is continually Updating our System with algorithmic data and marketing tools. Everything is managed by our engineers, you just need to build the face of the company. MySurfBiz Plus is powered by Amazon EC2 Cloud, Web Robotics™ Marketing Websites Lead Generation System, Google WebMaster Tools, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad’s API and Google AdWords API.

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Paid Advertising

When you sign up with MySurfBiz PLUS, we create and manage your Facebook and Google AdWords Marketing Campaigns with your MSBP subscription. Our system targets prospects based on interest + keywords, you can now hyper-target for conversion. Supporting Budget Required to run Paid Ad’s, Ad’s managed on Google and Facebook marketing systems. Access monthly reports for your growth

Mobile Friendly Website

MSBP comes with a powerful well optimized for SEO and sustaining website. Your website will be an exact mirror of this vibrant website you’re interacting with now, proven to drive traffic and generate leads for your online or e-mail conversion. We brand your company or personal details on your site so your customers know it’s you. The process repeats as you bring on your own members.

Sign-Up and Manage Members

As we market and advertise your new business to millions of quailfied online prospects, our lead generation system will queue for daily task to continue to gorw your company. Boost up the marketing efforts by blasting your new program on your current exchange platforms.

MailChimp Campaigns

Kick start your MSBP performance by sending us your current mail exchange list. We will compose a beautiful HTML Opt-In Email campaign and drive instant traffic to your site to start buidling your customer lines. FREE with MSBP, a $450 dollar value.

Stop Wasting Time!

It’s time to change the way you do business. Get away from dead mail systems and saturated lists. Run your business with compliance and opportunity.

Hello Success, Goodbye Failure!

How MSBP Works?

MSBP is the next generation of building a residual book of business. On average MSBP new member leads close @ 10%, in comparison to mail exchange leads which statistics indicates a close rate of 0.39%. MSBP allows you to sign-up members their own branded version of MSBP through your branded version. Every new member earns you the 1st month of their sign-on subscription + 10% rev share every month thereafter. Example $99.99 and $10 a month starting in month 2.

Download Our Mobile or Your Own!

iOS and Android mobile applications start @ $1500 per app. MSBP comes with a mobile app for your customers to manage their membership with you. Manage their profile, manage subscriptions, manage products and it’s your name in the App stores.

Drag and Drop Page Editor

MySurfBiz Plus uses Web Robotics™ and WordPress content platform for Drag and Drop visual editing. Our systems are connected to Amazon Cloud Security, Google API search, and Amazon Alexa auditing. All edits are managed by MySurfBiz Plus engineers and deployed by Amazon Cloud technicians.

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Send E-Mails Using a Compliant Delivery System

Across the internet from algorithms and tech providers, mass mailing systems are becoming blocked by Hosting Providers, Merchants such as PayPal, Search Queries and SMTP mail delivery systems. You will no longer be limited to the same targeted audience or shared prospect circle.

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Boost Your Traffic With Paid Ad’s!

MSBP has management platforms for boosting your pages with social media and Google Search Engine Ads. We manage it all for FREE, no hidden cost. Choose from our pre-defined budgets or create your own.

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Forever Learning

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Amazon Cloud Hosting

MySurfBizPlus includes managed dedicated hosting on Amazon Cloud. Web Robotics™ is an Amazon AWS Partner. Guaranteed 99% Uptime.

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